• Transportation

    During the summer months, Serifos is connected by ferry from Piraeus to the islands of the Milos line, daily with high speed ferries and conventional ferry boats. The trip duration on a conventional ferry is approximately four hours and fifteen minutes (Zante Ferries, Aegean Sea Lines) and with high-speed boats (Sea Jets) is almost 2 hours. Serifos is also connected by boat to many Cycladic islands.
    After your race registration for boat tickets reservations, please contact:

    • the travel agency Kondilis Shipping & Tourism in Serifos at +30 22810 52340 and +30 22810 52135 or by email kondilisagency@gmail.com
    • the reservation department of ZANTE FERRIES at +30 210 4100211
    Mention the Race you will participate, your Order No and your Name.
    The shipping companies that travel to Serifos are offering the following discounts for all participants and one companion, travelling to and from Serifos, during the period of the race (from Wednesday 20/9 till Thursday 28/9).
    - Sea Jets offers 30% discount on the fare of the passenger tickets and 20% discount for the vehicle  tickets. Only for aller-retour reservations.
    - Zante Ferries offers 50% discount on the fare of the passenger tickets and 20% on the fare of the vehicle tickets for aller-retour reservations. For single route tickets there will be a discount 25% for passengers tickets and 20% on the fare of the vehicle tickets.
    - Aegean Sea Lines offers 35% discount on the fare of the passenger tickets and 20% discount for the vehicle tickets for aller-retour reservations. For single route tickets there will be a discount 25% for passengers tickets and 10% on the fare of the vehicle tickets.
    Tickets issued with the above discounts cannot be canceled or changed.
    For more information on the ferries to and from Serifos and the neighbouring islands, you can visit: